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New Born Portable Breast Feeding Pillow / Inftant Support for Baby and Mom

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  • Baybee New Born Portable Breast Feeding Pillow/ Inftant Support for Baby and Mom- is certainly designed to meet the needs of mother and the baby. Your baby will love how luscious and soft fabric of this pillow case feels to the skin. Hypoallergenic and completely safe, this beautiful shape baby feeding cushion cover is made of high quality, breathable and extra absorbent fabric that will fit snuggly in all standard baby pillow and allow you to keep your baby supported at all times.
  • The Baybee New Born Portable Breast Feeding Pillow is exclusively designed for mom and baby in Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, and Propping etc. Though it is multipurpose and could be used in versatile ways. It is just great for use at home, also convenient for travel. The pillow case is very smooth that protects your baby’s skin from irritation. The pattern and color on the pillow provide calm feelings.
  • Our Baybee New Born Portable Breast Feeding Pillow is a long curved pillow designed by doctors to help good resting for feeding babies. Normal resting postures may not be possible or may cause discomfort and body changes and the growing baby’s weight. It helps to feed / rest the baby in various suitable postures. It comes in handy to support a sitting position after the delivery to nurse the baby. The size and the ergonomic design also help to support the back while nursing.
  • It is 100% MACHINE WASHABLE: Convenient and practical, especially for busy moms, this maternity baby feeding pillow case is 100% machine washable. Simply, pop it in the washer in the gentle cycle and it will be as good as new. Forget about your old breastfeeding pillow covers that got rough after a few washes. This slipcover proises to get softer after every wash.


Baybee New Born Portable Breast Feeding Pillow/ Inftant Support For Baby And Mom Is A Long Curved Pillow Designed By Doctors To Help Good Resting And Feeding For Baby As Well As Mother. As You Know That Small New-Born Babies Spit Out Their Food, And Doctors Recommend That The Baby Must Lie With Its Head Elevated After A Meal So That It Doesn’T Regurgitate Food. Baybee New Born Portable Breast Feeding Pillow Is The Ideal Solution And Its A Soft Pillow That Is Especially Designed To Help And Support Baby’S Head And Neck While Feeding. Helping Your Baby Sleep In A Comfortable Position Is Important For A Sound Sleep, Babies Can Regurgitate While Sleeping, And It Helps To Elevate The Baby’S Head. For Newborn And Tender Young Babies, This Unique Feeding Pillow Set Conforms To The Head Shape, Allows Air Circulation And Helps Prevent Flat Head Syndrome. The Baby Will Wake Up Rested, Full Of Vitality And Less Prone To Illnesses. The Multi Functional Pillow Is Made Of A Cotton Shell Filled With Washable Anti-Bacterial Polymer Fibre Material. The Baybee New Born Portable Breast Feeding Pillow Is Exclusively Designed For Mom And Baby In Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, And Propping Etc. Though It Is Multipurpose And Could Be Used In Versatile Ways. It Is Just Great For Use At Home, Also Convenient For Travel. The Pillow Case Is Very Smooth That Protects Your Baby’S Skin From Irritation. Normal Resting Postures May Not Be Possible Or May Cause Discomfort And Body Changes And The Growing Baby’S Weight. It Helps To Feed / Rest The Baby In Various Suitable Postures. It Comes In Handy To Support A Sitting Position After The Delivery To Nurse The Baby. The Size And The Ergonomic Design Also Help To Support The Back While Nursing. It Is 100% Machine Washable- Simply, Pop It In The Washer In The Gentle Cycle And It Will Be As Good As New.



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