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Robustrion Stylish Waterproof Multifunctional Diaper Backpack, 20x18x40cm (Blue)


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  • SAFETY : 1st – Our products-toys are EN71 Certified which is most stringent certification defined by European standards for safety of Babies and Toddler. Every minor point is considered to give safest product to your Baby.
  • VISUAL STIMULATION : Helps your baby to improve attention span, curiosity, and memory power. Helps your baby Brain thrive by stimulating visual input with contrast patterns and images. Helps to improve imagination and creativity.
  • GROSS MOTOR SKILLS : Builds major motor skills such as balance, coordination and strength. physical exercise to develop baby’s muscle and improve gross motor skills.
  • HAND – EYE COORDINATION : From basic reaching and grasping to more refined, controlled actions. help your child to develop hand-eye coordination. Help your child to develop good reflexes.
  • FLEXIBLE & DURABLE : Ready for great fun right out of the box. With just a couple of back and forth motions, the cars zip ahead super-fast. It’s a fantastic way of keeping your kids preoccupied for hours on end.





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45.6 x 37.2 x 9.4 cm